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Eastern Europe remains a region in transition. Regional conflicts, political instability and economic malaise characterize many of the former Soviet satellite nation-states. Major social upheaval continues to tax Government resources and the resilience of those governed. The collapse of Communism in December 1989 and the overnight introduction of a multiple-choice, pluralistic society have been deeply disorienting and spiritually overwhelming for many. Romania represents both the best and the worst of the post-communist world in transition.


For more than 16 years now, since the Christmas Revolution of 1989, a Godly and gifted team of Romanian Christians has served in some of the darkest and most difficult areas of Romania. Under the name MISSIO LINK INTERNATIONAL (MLI), this experienced group of indigenous servants is uniquely equipped for ministry. Eugen Groza, Emil Toader, Lorena Rusovan, Doru Racovicean and Florin Iosub constitute the core of this mission team.


With capable local support staff and enthusiastic international partners, MLI is committed to addressing the material and spiritual needs of the Romanian people through a variety of ministry initiatives. As a name, Missio Link International precisely reflects the calling and convictions of those involved in MLI. Missio is a Latin word used to speak of the “mission of God,” that is, missio Dei.

With Christ

The emphasis here is on our participation with God in His redemptive passion for the world. As ministers of the Gospel, we are merely participants in God’s great mission. Our honor and privilege is to assist and link up with Him in His redemptive love for every creature and for all creation. Our experience and the Scriptures tell us that our Lord’s missio is radically revealed in the dynamic interplay of spiritual friendships and an integral stewardship of resources.

It is said that “a chord of three strands is not easily broken.” With Christ as our common bond, God’s people in Romania and the United States are coming together in productive unity for the coming Kingdom.

About MLI
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